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Natural paving with EcoPave

Pave Your Way to Better Road Stabilization
and Running Surfaces 

In the absence of effective road stabilization, driving on a secondary road is a teeth-jangling experience that isn’t good for drivers, passengers, or the vehicles transporting them. If you need to build, stabilize, or maintain an unpaved secondary road, Midwest’s Eco-Pave® is a non-asphaltic formulation that produces a natural high-performance surface using native or in-place soils.

Use Eco-Pave for road stabilization and chip sealing with the knowledge that it was engineered in our labs to be as gentle on the environment as it is effective on the roadway.

Vital statistics

  • Improves long-term performance of unpaved and surfaced roads
  • Increases structural integrity and loading capacity (CBR)
  • Creates or restores a smooth, skid-resistant running surface
  • Extends the life of pavement and other surfaces
  • Reduces harmful moisture penetration
  • Eliminates potholing
  • Can be installed over a wider range of temperatures compared to asphalt chip
  • Uses native or in-place soils
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Eco-Pave is the key component of Midwest’s Road-Bldr Program, a single or two-part process. It comes in two formulations.

To build a sub-base for subsequent paving or chip sealing, we blend Eco-Pave Base®, a polymer-enhanced, resin-based organic emulsion, into the existing base of native soils, gravel roads, or recycled roadway surface materials to create a superior structure. It is not necessary to import costly base or aggregate materials.

For those whose road surfaces require chip sealing, Eco-Pave Chip® produces a natural, warm, visually-pleasing running surface. One of the oldest and most successful road-surfacing methods, chip sealing uses a binder covered with an aggregate to produce a thin running surface.

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