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Developers use Soil-Sement to prevent water erosion in desert pavement. Midwest products to help developers save thousands in water erosion damage.

Background. Fairways awaiting landscaping, building pads and open areas are subject to wind erosion and dust.

Problem. The developers for these prestigious projects in the desert communities have previously been plagued by chronic wind blown erosion problems and seasonal rains causing thousands of dollars in erosion damage overnight on final graded projects.

Solution. The developers had great success by using self-monitored Water Erosion and Fugitive Dust Emission Control Plans with Soil-Sement®. Soil-Sement provided compliance for AQMD Amended Rule 403-Fugitive Dust Emission Control Plans, including 25-mile-per-hour wind conditions. It also allowed golf carts and light truck traffic onto pad as well as sales associates to take prospective buyers to specific lot.

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