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Intermediate Cover of Landfill Alternative - Alternative Intermediate Cover Provided at a Residual Waste Landfill

Background. Industrial companies, such as steel mills, produce large amounts of daily waste from their manufacturing processes that is taken to landfills for disposal.

Problem. The landfill sits next to a river where possible water contamination was an issue. Runoff from the piles could contain heavy metals that are dangerous to fish, wildlife and humans.

Solution. Midwest’s Soil-Sement® is used as an alternative intermediate cover to control erosion, dust and infiltration and to eliminate the release of contaminants to the environment. Soil-Sement has been accepted by state environmental agencies as an alternative intermediate cover to the costly covering of 6” of top soil and seeding. Soil-Sement bonds to eliminate erosion, seals the surface to prevent wind-blown dust and creates a water resistant and resilient surface which prevents infiltration.

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