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Dust Control on Haul Roads - Costly Equipment Maintenance Controlled on Steel Mill Haul Roads

Background. 150-Ton Slab Haulers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week had major ongoing problems with dust control on haul roads, rough potholed roads, and high equipment maintenance and labor costs. Haul roads were being graded every day and water was applied continuously.

Problem. Air filters on the Slab Haulers had to be cleaned after every eight hour shift and replaced frequently. Tire wear was extreme. The fugitive dust caused by Slab Hauler traffic decreased productivity and driver safety was threatened.

Solution. By utilizing Soil-Sement®, dust and potholes were eliminated, grading was rarely needed and continuous daily watering was stopped. The haul road was smooth, contributing to productivity, good drainage was maintained and hazardous driving conditions were eliminated. In addition, air filters only needed cleaned once a week and infrequently need replaced, and tire wear normal. Large aggregate is actually swept from the roadway and the Soil-Sement® treated road has the appearance of a paved highway.

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