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"Safety First" is More than an Adage

At Midwest, safety is a pillar of our culture. It affects the products we manufacture, the expectations we set, and the decisions we make both at Midwest and at customer sites. Wherever in the world our customers take us, we bring with us our own strong safety presence and fully participate in their safety programs and procedures.

Midwest operates day to day on the idealistic premise that all accidents are preventable and that it is our responsibility as a company and as individuals to eliminate and control both known and potential safety and health hazards.

Walking the walk
In 2008, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation gave Midwest an award for operating without a lost time accident for more than five consecutive years and 593,543 hours worked. That record has now grown to more than 1,213,499 hours and we have no intention of changing the pattern! For three consecutive years we have reduced our recordable accident rate, and our EMR improved in four of the past five years. Both our Recordable Accident Rate and EMR ratings are well below industry standards.

Midwest's five-year safety recordable accident rate


Safety recordable accident rate graph

Midwest's five-year EMR 

Experience Modification Rate