Soil Stabilization

Over the last four decades, our team here at Midwest has worked constantly to develop our road and surface stabilization products and hone our application techniques. We’ve learned a lot from the thousands of successful projects we’ve completed, and we bring that expertise to bear in our custom-tailored solutions to your soil stabilization needs.

Our products are proven to significantly improve the CBR of roads and open areas—by as much as 80% in the first 48 hours—which promises to fully prepare them for heavy industrial use. Heavy machinery used for extraction activities will surely take a toll on access roads, haul roads, compressor site pads, and other surfaces if appropriate and effective measures are not taken to ensure road surface stability. And the key to minimizing the impact of machinery on the road system and maintaining surface stability is prevention. Midwest has seen time and time again that effective soil stabilization solutions can help your company avoid expensive and time-consuming maintenance efforts later on.

Whenever paving proves too costly or impractical, Midwest’s solutions can help your company establish safe, stable roadways and keep operations running on schedule. And with our products, you can safely stabilize roads even in the most extreme weather conditions. Midwest’s soil stabilization solutions have stood up to the test of time across all industries, meaning that your business will, too.

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