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Solutions for city and municipal dust control

For Safer, Healthier Citizens, Keep Dust and Ice Away

As different as they are, urban, rural, and every size municipality in between is concerned about municipal dust control. Where winter delivers unwanted snow and ice, they share another problem. In the absence of municipal or city dust control, problems quickly rear their heads. Some of them are avoidable; others require fast action once they occur.

Where rains are heavy, sediment runs off unpaved roads, paths and trails – even unsealed salt piles – often taxing nearby water supplies and aquatic habitats or damaging equipment.  Where the weather is dry, fines lift off the road, potentially endangering crops and vegetation and making trails and paths unusable. And where sidewalks and steps are icy or ice and snow freezes rail switches, rail and wire, the liabilities are both physical and financial. When you rely on Midwest for municipal dust control and anti-icing and deicing solutions, you are protecting your community and its environment with solutions that are proven, certified, and effective.  We even have alternatives to paving where environmental considerations or limited budgets are squeezed by paving costs.

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