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Military road and helipad dust control solutions

Reduce Chopper-Related Accidents, Safety Concerns, and Equipment Damage

Military helipad dust control as well as military road dust control are flat-out necessary in those places where it can be controlled. Military road and helipad dust reduces visibility and resistance to respiratory problems. It attacks equipment and increases danger where danger is already built in. According to Christian Drounin, commanding officer of Canada’s air assets in Afghanistan, "It's like being in a brown ping-pong ball. You lose all reference. The environment here is more dangerous than the counter-insurgency itself.” (Edmonton Journal, Dec. 2, 2009.)

Why Midwest?
Where military helipad dust control is possible – and that includes domestic and overseas landing areas – it is critical to protect invaluable assets, the men and women who pilot military choppers and the choppers themselves. Dust control also prevents dust on convoy routes and tank trails, assists in improvised explosive devices (IED) protection and optimizes base living conditions. Midwest meets the most stringent military dust control specs and EPA regulations. No other dust-control company has formulated and patented products more effective for controlling military dust and also the specialized delivery systems that ensure efficient, reliable application. Ask us for test documentation and military references who will give testimony to our expert technical support and service.

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