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Effective parks and recreation dust control, baseball diamond dust control, unpaved roadway dust control

No Need to Bite the Dust. Just Get Rid of It.

The words park, recreation and dust do not work well in the same sentence until you add one more word – control. With effective parks dust control, baseball dust control, and a dedusting of unpaved roadways, people can have fun, bike, run, throw, stroll and enjoy the activities they are outside to enjoy. In eliminating dust, you also protect yourself from the costly unnecessary fines dust can bring your way if you are not in compliance with The Clean Air Act and other regulatory measures.

Midwest’s proven products, applications systems and processes have been delivering effective parks and recreational dust control around the world for decades, and can do the same for you. Whether your dust control concerns include parks, playgrounds, paths, walkways, parking lots, baseball diamonds or any other place dust is an impediment to optimal facility use, Midwest is up to the challenge. And when winter descends, bringing with it unwanted freezing rains and snow, we have effective anti-icing and deicing solutions that will protect facility users and workers from accidents.


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