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Truck terminal and intermodal dust control solutions

Dust is Not a Problem if it is Not There.

Without effective truck terminal dust control, the consequences make themselves felt pretty quickly. Wear and tear on your roads, equipment and related maintenance costs go up. So does dust-related respiratory disease, and your exposure to regulatory fines for failing to comply with The Clean Air Act and other regulatory standards. Visibility and productivity, on the other hand, go down. In fact, unchecked truck terminal dust can hurt almost every aspect of your operations – from unsafe truck terminal traffic areas to ineffective maintenance of storage yards and clogged filters causing faulty equipment.

Midwest’s reason for being is to make such problems go away. Our products were developed to be environmentally safe and provide superior performance. They have been extensively tested in the field, in our state-of-the-art laboratory and by independent organizations such as the US EPA, California Air Resources Board and Canada ETV and proved successful hundreds of times over. We can also make sure that your terminals and yards are not subject to the productivity, safety, and equipment problems that winter’s freezing rain and snow bring with them.

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