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Tunnel boring dust control solutions

Tunnel Boring Dust Control Solutions

Midwest knows that a dust control management system is essential for tunnel boring dust control because of the possible health and safety issues. During tunnel excavation, fugitive dust can have a serious effect on productivity.

You are faced with constant high rates of airborne dust tunnels causing silicosis, irritating the eyes and making metal surfaces on equipment slippery when settled dust acts as a lubricant. Dust-laden air can also interfere with your operation of the laser used to guide tunnel-boring machines. You must address these tunnel boring dust control issues before they lead to safety issues, regulatory fines, adverse health conditions and even faulty equipment.

We can help you with all of these dust control management issues by offering a complete line of spray systems and products. Dust-Buster® Spray Systems and foaming suppressants are developed with specific needs and requirements in mind.

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