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Midwest’s baseball field maintenance solutions

Play Ball Without Dust, Environmental or Health Concerns

Peewee T-ball to Little League, the high-school diamond to Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field, baseball field maintenance – more specifically the absence of baseball diamond dust control – affects catchers, batters, and basemen. It makes it harder for umpires to see, and it endangers all players who count on certain footing as they run, dive, jump, and slide in their quest to make the play, get to base, score the run. Windborne dust makes breathing difficult, jeopardizing the health of those prone to asthma and other respiratory conditions, and it can make for very poor community relations when it settles on the cars, porches, pools and vegetation of local communities.

The most effective dust control possible is delivered by Midwest’s Diamond Doctor® Synthetic Organic Dust Control® and E-Sprayer® system.

When you rely on Midwest’s baseball field dust-control solutions, you will:

  • Comply with the EPA’s Clean Air Act and the growing list of environment-related regulatory requirements
  • Know that fugitive PM10 and PM2.5 emissions are being controlled
  • Increase the compressive strength of soil surface materials which makes playing fields safer and more even
  • Create a healthier environment

Application of Midwest’s Diamond Doctor baseball field dust suppressant is made easy with our E-Sprayer system. It enables you to eliminate baseball diamond dust while actively conserving water, which is not used with Diamond Doctor. With Midwest’s proven and certified product working for you, parents of would-be Big Leaguers will appreciate better softball field maintenance. Nearby neighborhoods will not need complaint committees to campaign for better baseball diamond dust control. Little League ball field or professional stadium, Midwest continues to hit home runs for its clients.

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