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Mine tailings dust control and mine tailing management solutions

Spray, Seal, Prevent Fugitive Dust

Winter freezes and dry summer months can both cause serious mine tailings management issues relating to an ever-more stringent environmental regulatory environment and health risks. In winter, mine tailings can freeze dry, resulting in fugitive PM10 and PM2.5 dust and toxic coal ash escaping from the surface. In non-freezing conditions, storm-water pollution can contain hazardous content.

Sealing mine tailings is the only practical way of preventing fines from lifting into the air, creating dust, and entering storm-water runoff. It is also the only way to eliminate the threat of respiratory illness and toxic levels of metal and other poisons in workers and children at or near tailings sites worldwide.

Midwest’s independently-certified and proven surface sealants, Soil-Sement® Engineered Formula® and Soil-Sement®:

  • Prevent moisture from permeating tailings
  • Significantly reduces hazardous leaching
  • Abates airborne particulate matter and windblown fallout;
  • Keeps hazardous materials contained to make run-off safer
  • Eliminates erosion and contamination of surrounding water sources
  • Eliminates environmental and health risks

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