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Helipad dust control and helipad brownout solutions

Control Helipad Dust, Improve Pilot Vision, and Save Lives

Fact: Heavy dust on military helipads and the brownout conditions that result require helipad brownout solutions and effective dust control. In the balance: lives. In fact, a recent study by the Office of the US Secretary of Defense concluded that 80 percent of the US military’s 320 rotorcraft crashes during the last decade have been caused by degraded visual awareness. They have, sadly, already taken their toll on U.S. troops and coalition operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Untreated, dust on military helipads and other landing areas can blind pilots, erode helicopter rotor blades, and affect helicopters’ engines, filters and electronic equipment. And, of course, the deserts, rocky fields and mountain tops on which military helicopters must land make brownout solutions more difficult to put in place. Midwest’s patented dust control products and specialized delivery systems ensure efficient, reliable application.

Benefits of Midwest’s Solutions
EK35®, EnviroKleen®, and Soil-Sement Engineered Formula® and Soil-Sement® have been certified and proven effective by the US Army Corp of Engineers and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center and certified environmentally safe by the US EPA Environmental Verification Program. Each minimizes dust and increases safety on take-off and landing by:

  • Eliminating foreign object debris
  • Improving visual awareness
  • Enhancing situational awareness
  • Increasing ability to see personnel, trucks or other obstacles in landing zone
  • Stabilizing landing areas quickly and easily to avoid interruption of service
  • Enhancing pilot safety

We can also provide:

Midwest will help you select the product that is most optimal for your needs and environment. Ask us for test documentation and military references who will give testimony to our expert technical support and service.

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Watch the video below to see a helipad treated with EK35 in desert conditions:

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