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Haul road dust suppression solutions

Use Less Water, Control Emissions, and Save Money

Haul road dust presents all kinds of problems from reduced traction in wet environments to accelerated tire wear. Those relying exclusively on water for haul road dust suppression know that supplies can be scarce and prohibitive, that PM10 and PM2.5 emissions are dangerous to both health and safety, and that and the absence of effective haul road dust control can turn potholes and wash boarding into kings of the road. Midwest is recognized for its ability to eliminate these problems and others related to keeping haul roads – and those who care for and use them – at maximum productivity.

No more haul road dust – or environmental concerns
Our proven and certified haul road dust suppression products and dust-control spray systems will enable you to reduce dust, improve haul road surfaces, reduce watering and grading, and extend tire life. You will rest easy knowing:

  • You are in compliance with the PM10 and PM2.5 requirements of the
    Clean Air Act
  • Storm water runoff will not be adversely affected by our products; in fact,
    its quality will be improved
  • Ground water will not be contaminated with volatile organic compounds, semi-volatiles or heavy metals
  • BOD or COD levels will not increase

Healthier employees, a better bottom line
With Midwest’s dust management products and services behind you, employees who are subject to respiratory and impaired visibility, will breathe easier, be healthier, and most likely perform better. Our guarantee: dramatic improvement in the short term and significant cost savings in the longer term.

We can also provide:

To learn more about the wide range of products Midwest can put to work to keep your haul roads dust free, click on any of the products below.


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  • Dust Fyghter® LN100

    Lignin dust control that acts as a natural cement, binding dust particles as well as continuously absorbing moisture from the air and locking it into the surface

  • Haul Road Dust Control®

    A blend of special surfactants which increases the ability of water to wet and suppress road dust

  • Haul Pro®

    Resin-modified emulsion that is a haul road dust control treatment for unpaved haul roads

  • Road Pro® NT

    Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion

  • EK35®

    Reworkable, active, environmentally certified Synthetic Organic Dust Control® with a resin binder system that capture fines and keeps them locked into the surface

  • EnviroKleen®

    Re-workable, active, environmentally certified Synthetic Organic Dust Control® with a polymeric binder system that captures fines and keeps them escaping as fugitive dust

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