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Open areas dust control solutions

No More Construction Dust, No More Fines for Compliance Failures

Where there is a construction site, there is a need for construction dust control. Winds sweeping over building sites or other areas where soil is disturbed by machinery, set the perfect stage for dust generation and the need for immediate and effective open-areas dust control. The reasons are legion. Airborne dust particles translate into loss of soil and an increased likelihood of higher levels of sedimentation and water pollution.

In the absence of optimal construction dust control, a work environment can become inhospitable, contributing to respiratory health problems both onsite and in areas struck by windborne dust. And, of course, always present is the potential of serious fines if a site does not meet strict environmental open-air dust control regulations set forth by the NPDES, NEPA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act relating to water and air quality.

Midwest’s proven and certified products and application systems will make construction dust control and dust control of open areas a non-issue:

  • No more concerns about the health, environmental or compliance issues where there will be major soil disturbances or heavy equipment construction activity
  • Maximum control of PM10 and PM2.5 dust emissions, even in arid or semi-arid regions where construction dust poses a greater challenge
  • Fewer health issues, safer worksites, and less money expended on grading and surface maintenance

Years of experience in every kind of dust control across multiple industries have made Best Management Practices and Best Available Control Technologies the only ones we employ for construction dust control. In addition to using the best products for open-areas dust control, you will be a strong environmental steward. You will also be a better neighbor to nearby commercial and residential communities and, therefore, subject to fewer complaints that can lead to expensive fines.

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