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Midwest’s stockpile dust suppression capabilities

Prevent Stockpile Deterioration, Ensure EPA Compliance, and Avoid Health Risks

Piles of coal, ore, salt, sulfur, limestone and other aggregates bring with them multiple stockpile management concerns. Potentially toxic runoff and windblown particles find their way into the soil and then into surface and groundwater supplies, posing a threat to water supplies, aquatic life, and vegetation. Those working at and near sites requiring better stockpile dust suppression are subject to poor visibility and compromised respiratory systems. Vehicle maintenance costs climb as performance plummets when dust infiltrates engines, tire bases and other mechanical parts. Sealing stockpiles to prevent fugitive dust and particle runoff is the single most effective way to eliminate these problems and ensure you are in compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

Midwest’s certified and proven stockpile sealant – Soil-Sement®
Soil-Sement Engineered Formula
, Midwest’s high-performance nanotechnology stabilization system creates an impenetrable, durable surface with superior compressive strength.

  • Is stronger than other polymers on the market
  • Is more environmentally sound than other sealing methods
  • Provides a solid seal that prevents moisture content from increasing and keeps deterioration from having its way
  • Eliminates self-heating and combustion, erosion, and storm-water runoff

Application systems that make a difference:

  • Bunker Seal™. Air blocking system that seals the top of coal bunkers and prevents air from circulating and moisture from forming
  • Dust-Buster® Spray Systems. Accurately apply foam for optimum dust suppression during transfer, crushing, and other processes

The environmental factor
When you use Midwest’s stockpile management solutions, you can rest assured that you are in compliance with the increasingly stringent guidelines set forth by the EPA and other regulatory agencies. Dangerous PM10 and PM2.5 emissions will no longer be a concern. Your work environment will be cleaner and healthier, and stockpile management will help you maintain good neighbor status by reducing dust emissions that are both a nuisance and health issue to nearby businesses and residences.

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