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Open-areas erosion control solutions

Eliminate Up to 98% of Construction-Site Erosion at the Source

Where there is a construction site or other open area, clearing, grading, excavating and other earth-moving activities make construction-site erosion control a necessity. Golf courses in the making, new building sites, vacant lots – any open areas where rains land on unstable soil – can produce not only massive headaches for contractors, builders, and landowners but massive fines and liabilities.

It can happen fast. Consider heavy storm water flowing over construction sites or other open areas picking up sediment, debris, and chemicals. Not only is aquatic life endangered, so too are the health and activities of animals and people who count on unpolluted waters for drinking, fishing, swimming, and other activities.

Open-air erosion control at its best
Midwest’s soil stabilization and soil erosion control products can eliminate up to 98 percent of erosion problems at the source. Mechanical methods such as silt fences, hay bales, or retention ponds do not compare in effectiveness, which hovers at about 50 percent. Midwest’s open-air erosion control solutions will:

  • Prevent polluted storm water runoff that can pose life-threatening harm to fish, wildlife, and the aquatic habitat
  • Prevent sediment from clogging waterways
  • Eliminate the threat of stream bank erosion
  • Ensure your compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Cut grading and surface-maintenance costs

Best Management Practices and Best Available Control Technologies the only ones Midwest employs for construction site erosion control.

The environmental factor
The short story is that Midwest’s proven, certified erosion control and soil stabilization products ensure that you are in compliance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit requirements as well as other EPA regulations. As a good neighbor to nearby commercial and residential communities, you will find your sites subject to fewer complaints that can lead to expensive fines.

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