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Slope protection and slope erosion control solutions

Eliminate up to 98% of Slope Erosion Problems at the Source

Where impervious slopes and excessive rain or snowmelt meet, there will be erosion requiring slope stabilization. Without adequate slope protection, water-borne soil sediment, debris, chemicals and other pollutants will start their unstoppable journey downward, their runoff potentially tainting water quality. Traditional mechanical methods of slope stabilization and erosion control including silt fences, retention ponds, blankets, mats, mesh, and cellular confinement systems are only partially effective.

Midwest’s approach to slope stabilization will enable you to eliminate:

  • Up to 98% of slope erosion problems at the source at considerably less cost than traditional methods
  • Storm-water runoff
  • Dangerous PM10 and PM2.5 emissions
  • Compliance concerns

The environmental factor
Midwest’s proven and certified environmentally safe slope stabilization products are non-toxic and will not contaminate soils, streams or vegetation. They will eliminate any concern about meeting National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit requirements. You can also rest assured our use of Best Management Practices and Best Available Control Technologies will keep you in compliance with the EPA’s Clean Water Act and all other environment-related regulatory requirements.

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