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Third rail deicers and third rail anti-icers keep trains moving all winter

First Line of Defense for Third Rails?
Effective Anti-Icing

If the third rails on your mass transit lines freeze during winter storms, your overall operations will also be subject to a big freeze. The absence of an effective third rail anti-icer means schedules go haywire, your riders get hot under the collar, passenger safety is compromised. In the face of winter storms in cold regions, downtime and maintenance costs go up, the power goes out, and productivity plummets. Midwest’s non-conducive, proven Zero-Gravity Third Rail® anti-icing agent incorporates smart-fluid technology licensed from the NASA/AMES Research Institute that allows it to defy gravity and stay on the vertical surface of the rail. Also effective as a third rail de-icer, Zero Gravity is more effective and efficient than rail heaters.

Rely on Midwest’s Zero-Gravity Third Rail anti-icing agent to:

  • Eliminate interruption to operations, downtime, and power loss
  • Prevent ice and snow from bonding to the third rail
  • Keep mass transit rails running on schedule during winter storms
  • Reduce wear and tear on contact shoes
  • Increase safety and reduce costs

Midwest’s application systems and services can also help keep winter woes to a minimum:

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