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Solutions for marginal soil stabilization, poor quality soil, and stabilizing soil

Stabilize Poor-Quality Soil for Strength, Extended Surface Life, and Savings

Marginal soils are the weak link in areas where soil stabilization is a necessity. They are an equal-opportunity problem, favoring no climate or geography and ranging from marginal peat soils in remote areas of Alaska to poor quality sands in Arizona. Where there is poor quality soil – very fine-grained soils, peats, sands, and clay, for example that do not have any inherent strength – marginal soil stabilization can be a tall, expensive order. Midwest knows how to make short shrift of it. Our soil stabilization agents significantly change the characteristics of a soil to produce long-term permanent strength and stability on building pads, roadways, and any area that needs stabilization because of poor quality soil.

Midwest’s proven, certified environmentally-sound solutions for marginal soil stabilization:

  • Are effective even in the presence of water and frost
  • Increase structural strength and loading capacity (CBR) of fine-grained soils
  • Create an engineered, stabilized layer with superior strength
  • Use in-place soils, eliminating the costs associated with transporting aggregates to remote sites
  • Extends surface life because of superior bonding capability

Case in point
In remote northwestern or western Alaska, airfield and roadway construction is expensive not only because of the tough location but also because the gravel needed for a good, stable foundation is difficult to source. According to a February 2008 article in Alaska UAF magazine, “Many Alaskan soils, particularly in the north and northwest, are made up of glacial silt, which is notoriously fine-grained, frost-susceptible, and prone to erosion and collapse if not improved or treated.” Importing gravel to the construction site means a lengthy barge ride at costs in excess of $300 per cubic meter, which can translate to several million dollars for a typical construction project. “Consequently, engineers are always looking for ways to use the local silts and sands readily available on site as much as possible, and thus reduce construction costs,” the article says.

We can also provide:

Learn more about these Midwest products

  • EK35® is a re-workable, active, environmentally certified Synthetic Organic Dust Control® with a resin binder system that capture fines and keeps them locked into the surface
  • EnviroKleen® is a re-workable, active, environmentally certified Synthetic Organic Dust Control® with a polymeric binder system that captures fines and keeps them escaping as fugitive dust
  • Soil-Sement Engineered Formula® is a high-performance nanotechnology stabilization system that creates an impenetrable, durable surface with superior compressive strength
  • Soil-Sement® is the foundation of our line of dust-control products, an environmentally certified leading-edge nanotechnology polymer with proven performance


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