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Subgrade stabilization, subgrade compaction, and subgrade soil solutions

Getting Beyond “Skin Deep” for Stronger, Longer-Lasting Pavement Performance

Built to last. If you’d like to be able to make that claim about the roads you build, then the subgrade has to get a grade of A-plus. The technologies Midwest employs for subgrade stabilization and subgrade compaction are all certified, verified and proven to stand up to the test of time. We blend our proprietary emulsions into the existing base of native soils, graveled roads, or recycled roadway surface materials to create a superior structure that maximizes potential road strength and extends the useful life of the road bed. And the process eliminates the need to import costly base or aggregate materials to build a sub-base for subsequent paving or chip sealing.

Midwest’s subgrade stabilization solutions will:

  • Enhance pavement performance
  • Maintain smooth pavement free of damage
  • Create a moisture barrier to reduce harmful moisture penetration
  • Increase CBR values
  • Minimize maintenance and repair
  • Low cost and easy installation

You can rely on Midwest to handle design, soil testing, engineering, installation, and post-installation performance testing – at a cost you will appreciate.

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