Bunker Seal System

Bunker Seal, an effective, reliable air-blocking system, is the antidote to the oxidation and moisture that leads to spontaneous combustion in coal bunkers, a serious danger to a power plant, its employees, and the value of the stored coal.

Prevent coal bunker fires with Midwest’s Bunker Seal system

Bunker Seal uses a manual spray nozzle and an air-powered pump mounted on a handcart to apply Soil-Sement®, a proven, gentle-on-the-environment dust- and erosion-control agent that seals the top of coal bunkers to minimize oxidation, prevent spontaneous combustion and explosions.


  • Eliminates air and water penetration
  • Slows coal deterioration that can reduce BTU value
  • Costs less than nitrogen injections
  • Is the fastest means of response to unplanned shutdowns


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