Dust-Buster® Systems for Recycling

Midwest’s line of Dust-Buster® Simplex foam-spraying systems eliminate concerns about dust, blue smoke, explosions, operating interruptions and compliance with environmental regulations.

Reduce dust and danger in your recycling operations

Dust-Busters make recycling operations safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly. They require just a small fraction of the water needed when water is the only treatment and produce less mud around your shredder. They are installed in a snap by removing a liner bolt on each side of a shredder’s hood and simply replacing each with a foam nozzle. Dust-Buster systems along with Midwest’s particle-absorbing foam products have been proven successful over and over again for more than a decade of use across North America and Canada.


  • Reduces dust emissions and blue smoke by 85% or more
  • Cuts frequency and velocity of explosions by 50-80%
  • Reduces disposal costs of residual waste by 60-90%
  • Does not release dust downstream at transfer points and screening
  • Will not blind screens or affect picking process
  • Works with hard or soft water

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