Dust Fyghter® LN100

Formulated from lignin, a naturally-occurring polymer found in wood, Dust Fyghter LN100 creates hard-packed dust-free roads by binding road surface particles together so that dust cannot escape into the air.

Keep unpaved roads stable and dust free

Dust Fyghter LN100 is a low-cost environmentally sound alternative to salt-based calcium chloride and magnesium chloride products. The firmer, more stable, dust-free road surface resulting from treatment with Dust Fyghter LN100 reduces the need for frequent road repair. Once applied, Dust Fyghter LN100 is rejuvenated in place when the roadway is graded, watered, or when a subsequent application is made.


  • Creates a skid-resistant surface
  • Improves visibility on dirt roads
  • Resists pot-holing and wash boarding
  • Derived from abundant and renewable resources
  • Biodegradable and non-corrosive
  • Freeze-thaw stable


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