Dust-Buster® Systems for Tunnel Boring

Midwest’s Dust-Buster foam-spraying systems make tunnel-boring operations safer and cleaner and more environmentally friendly. They require 90 percent less water, are easy to install and are designed to withstand years of use in harsh environments.

Reduce dust by up to 95%

Connected to your tunnel boring machinery, the Dust-Buster sprays a high-expansion foam that captures and agglomerates airborne dust particles at the face of boring operations and along the muck belt. This eliminates material flow, machinery performance and mud problems that occur when water rather than foam is used as a dust suppressant.


  • Alleviates respiratory issues caused by poor air quality
  • Increases visibility and improves tunnel illumination
  • Prevents muck from adhering to belts or buckets
  • Functions effectively in soft- and hard-rock boring
  • Customizable to meet the needs of specific operations

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