FoamKleen® Portable Cleaning System

Ideal for any kind coal dust or industrial dust, the FoamKleen® Portable Cleaning System delivers a high-pressure stream of Midwest’s dry cleaning foam to hard-to-reach walls and ceilings. The system makes it easy to create a safer, healthier environment by eliminating dangerous combustible dust and dirt.

Rid walls and ceilings of combustible coal dust and dirt

Because the FoamKleen system applies a dry foam agent, little moisture is formed. Each customizable unit has a range of 200 linear feet, and sprayed high, the FoamKleen dry-cleaning agent travels downward, entrapping dust along the way. This makes for an easy clean-up; just sweep it away. When necessary, it is easy to move the FoamKleen system because it is mounted on a versatile pneumatic-wheeled unit.


  • Minimizes chances of an explosion
  • Increases plant safety
  • No adjustments needed once set
  • Spray ceilings, walls, girders from 30 feet away
  • Easy cleanup; sweep foam away

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