Freeze-Free is a conditioning agent – an anti-icer – that is sprayed directly onto each piece of coal before it is loaded into hopper cars. It prevents ice from bonding coal into a solid block of material that will not readily flow through chutes or be easily unloaded from railcars.

Prevent ice from bonding with coal being stored, moved or transported

Freeze-Free is applied in a fine spray from nozzles located at the conveyor belt drop point as coal is loaded into hopper cars. It is specially formulated for use on coal which will ultimately be used as boiler fuel. When Freeze-Free burns with coal, it forms harmless gases which will not contribute to either hot or cold-end corrosion.


  • Prevents ice formation even in severe weather
  • Weakens ice crystal structure so it is easily crumbled
  • Inhibits ice bond between coal and car skin
  • Eliminates costly time delays and demurrage costs
  • Keeps chutes flowing freely

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