Glidex Synthetic Organic® switch lubricant is ideal for protection in heavy frost and wet-weather climates or in inherently wet locations with poor drainage.

Keep rail switches moving freely at any temperature

Glidex keeps tracks, switches, slide plates, and throw rods friction free more easily and effectively than possible with other methods. Applied as a fluid, Glidex remains in place once it becomes static, providing a barrier that keeps metal components lubricated and prevents ice from forming. It withstands the elements, resists wash-off, won’t pack and harden, and does not attract dirt and sand.


  • Same formulation used year round
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Proven to last longer than graphite or petroleum products
  • Won’t settle or require stirring and agitation
  • Does not freeze; can be poured at -40ºF
  • Ideal for heavy-frost and wet-weather climates
  • Safe to use and environmentally friendly

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