Utilizing true Green technologies, EcoPave Base and EcoPave Chip, the GreenPave systems offers alternatives to asphalt paved surfaces.

GreenPave® Engineered Stabilization System

GreenPave stabilization technology offers advantages in a wide variety of road applications from unpaved roads that will remain un-surfaced, to roads that will receive running surface treatments. The GreenPave process eliminates the need for you to import costly base or aggregate materials to build a sub-base for paving or chip sealing. We use your soils that are in place with our green products, Eco-Pave Base and Eco-Pave Chip to engineer improved roadways by stabilizing the sub-base and providing a chip seal running surface without relying on asphalt products.

GreenPave produces roadways that perform as well as conventional asphalt surfaces, and is successfully challenging the traditional reliance on asphalt for building and maintaining unpaved roads. By using in-place soils and highly sustainable products, Midwest is able to reduce up to 80% of construction costs while maintaining 100% of the strength of an asphalt road.


  • Improve the mechanical qualities of soils
  • Increase loading capacity (CBR)
  • Improve structural integrity
  • Lower road constructions costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs

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