Haul Pro®

Because of its strong binding ability, Haul Pro compacts a road surface into a smooth dust-free pavement-like surface. It penetrates road aggregate and binds it into a surface proven stronger than asphalt – and traffic continues increasing its strength.

Long-term dust control solution for unpaved haul roads

Haul Pro is a patented non-ionic resin-modified emulsion designed to be a long-term solution for efficient control of road dust on unpaved haul roads, mine tailings and stockpiles. Formulated from safe tree resin ingredients harvested on a sustainable basis, Haul Pro is safe for effective dust and soil erosion control and use even in close proximity to wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas.


  • Non-hazardous
  • Protects against water intrusion
  • Made from all natural products on a sustainable basis
  • CBR increased by traffic
  • Will not track when applied as directed

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