Road-Bldr® Natural Paving

Road-Bldr products from Midwest dramatically improve and extend the lifecycle of surfaced and un-surfaced secondary roads via stabilization with our proprietary polymer-enhanced, resin-based organic emulsion and an optional chip-seal finish with an aggregate-covered binder.

Stabilize roads

Midwest’s Eco-Pave Base is blended into the existing base of native soils, gravel roads or a recycled roadway structure, eliminating the need to import costly base or aggregate materials. Where chip-sealing is needed, Eco-Pave Chip further strengthens a road and provides a natural, warm, visually-pleasing running surface.


  • Increases loading capacity (CBR)
  • Creates a barrier to reduce harmful moisture penetration
  • Delivers a stronger, longer- lasting road surface at a lower cost than conventional road design
  • Creates or restores a smooth running surface
  • Extends life of pavement and other surfaces

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