Road Oyl®

Road Oyl is a resin-modified emulsion and a natural flexible surface binder. It eliminates dust and stabilizes bare earth or unpaved surfaces.

A cost-effective, versatile and safe dust suppressant, when the need is just dust control

Road Oyl exhibits high bonding strength and works well on haul roads, unpaved roads, road shoulders, parking lots, and trails and paths. It is appropriate for use even in close proximity to wetland areas and other areas of environmental sensitivity. It darkens aggregate or soil slightly but maintains the same basic look, which makes it desirable in natural settings including trails and paths.


  • Made from natural ingredients harvested on a sustainable basis
  • Non-hazardous, environmentally safe
  • Cost-efficient: shipped as a high concentrate
  • Protects from water intrusion
  • Does not track when applied as directed

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