Road Pro® NT

Road Pro NT is a polymer-modified asphalt emulsion that stands up to the sun, wind, weather and traffic-loading better than a typical asphalt emulsion over both the short and long term. It strengthens road surfaces and improves dust control performance and surface life while reducing maintenance costs.

Creates stronger roads with greater elasticity and durability than traditional asphalt emulsions

The polymers in Road Pro NT add strength, elasticity, adhesion, cohesion and durability to a typical asphalt emulsion. By locking the hazardous components of asphalt in place so they cannot escape into the air, non-corrosive Road Pro NT reduces the risk of exposure to poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). It eliminates concern about dust, pitting, cracking, or failing to cure properly. Treated surfaces resist weather damage and do not become tacky. Road Pro NT is also your assurance that you will be in compliance with Clean Air Act requirements regarding PM10 emissions.


  • Creates smooth, firm, stable surfaces that can handle large equipment
  • Improves road stability and durability regardless of weather
  • Sheds water; is not water soluble
  • Will not dry or crack
  • Reduces watering and grading costs
  • Will not get tacky in extreme heat


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