SF2® Stabilization

Roads, pads or gravel runways built on marginal soils are costly to maintain and dangerous. SF2, Midwest’s synthetic fluid-and-fiber system was created to dramatically increase a surface’s strength, extend its lifecycle, and cut maintenance costs

SF2 creates a surface of superior strength and weatherability

The synthetic fluid in the patented SF2 system contains a unique binder that imparts cohesive and adhesive properties to soil which, alone, does not have these properties. Add to this, high-tensile synthetic fibers that fill in discrete voids in the soil matrix, creating lateral strength, and you have even more anchor points for the binder to do its job. The combination of soil, no matter how weak, with SF2 produces a stronger, longer-lasting surface that cannot be achieved with a binder or fiber alone.


  • Increases CBR up to 80% in 48 hours
  • Heightens CBR up to 400% with traffic
  • Improves shear
  • Gains strength for up to two years
  • Keeps surface intact despite rain and thaw events
  • Prevents surfaces from becoming slick when wet
  • Does not break down, thereby eliminating muck

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