Soil-Sement® Engineered Formula

Soil-Sement Engineered Formula, part of the Soil-Sement family of polymer emulsions for road construction and stabilization, creates an impenetrable, durable surface with superior compressive strength.

Build or stabilize roads to be hard as steel or resilient as rubber

Midwest’s Soil-Sement Engineered Formula increases the load-bearing strength of all types of surfaces. As part of the design, Midwest provides complete engineering services including laboratory analysis of native soils and materials, and product volumes, optimum moisture determination, water mix ratio, and blending design to provide optimum compaction and desired density and strength.


  • Creates an engineered stabilized 7- to 25-cm road layer
  • Stands up to traffic, loading abuses and extreme temperatures
  • Increases fuel efficiency and higher productivity
  • Reduces need for road maintenance

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