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Midwest manufactures a wide range of dust control, erosion control, soil stabilization, anti-icing, and other products that help keep companies up and running no matter the season, no matter how tough the regulatory standards.

Dust Control
Midwest’s broad line of customizable dust control products, spray systems and managed services are the antidote to dust across dozens of industries and applications. Our products were developed in our own labs to be environmentally sound and more effective and reliable than other available dust-control methodologies and products. They stop all types of particulate matter from entering the air and water, solving even the most stubborn dust control problems for commercial, industrial and military customers – and they have been rigorously tested and certified by independent agencies.
Soil Stabilization
Midwest’s road and surface stabilization products save you valuable time and money because they work with in-place soils, eliminating the increased costs and waiting times associated with long-haul transporting of aggregates to remote sites. With diesel fuel costs on the rise and aggregate availability on the wane, Midwest’s stabilization products and application methodology will get your job done effectively and extend surface life. This holds true whether they are applied topically or to a greater depth during reconstruction. All the engineered solutions Midwest employs for sub-grade stabilization and compaction have been certified and proven to stand up to the test of time by independent third parties, our own lab, and in the field.
Anti-Icing and Deicing
Midwest’s proven anti-icing products and systems increase safety and lower costs by preventing the formation of bonded ice and snow. When ice crystals form between coal and other materials loaded into railcars, hopper cars and truck beds, the loads in effect become one giant ice crystal structure that is impossible to unload. On conveyor belts, pulleys, rail tracks and other areas where ice can hold up operations, the same holds true. If ice has already formed, Midwest’s deicing agents promote fast and long-lasting ice melting and prevent additional ice build-up down to -70°F. We are strong advocates of ice prevention because once there ice, it requires five to 10 times for product to get rid of it.
Midwest’s rail switch lubrication and traction agents reduce maintenance time, increase performance and last longer than other lubrication methods.
Midwest tailors its services to meet your precise needs before you undertake a job, during the application process, and during follow-up maintenance. Testing, environmental compliance assistance, record-keeping services are also available. Regardless of weather, season, time of day, or difficulty, you can count on successful service when the need is related to dust control, erosion control, soil stabilization, or anti-icing and de-icing.

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