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Anti-icing and deicing products with Midwest anti-icing systems

Anti-Icing and Deicing Products and Systems





Midwest’s proven anti-icing products and deicing agents provide solutions for winter conditions that cause ice-related problems affecting:

Our deicing products promote fast and long-lasting ice melting and prevent additional ice build-up down to -70ºF. If you wait until ice forms to take action, deicing requires five to ten times more deicing product than what you would need to provide anti-icing action in the first place.

An ounce of prevention using anti-icing products and systems is worth a pound in corrective deicing measures. Our anti-icing systems increase safety and lower costs by preventing the formation of bonded ice and snow. When ice crystals form between coal and other materials loaded into railcars, hopper cars and truck beds, the loads in effect become one giant ice crystal structure that is impossible to unload.

Deicing or anti-icing, Midwest has the products and services that will make ice a non-issue for your business.

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