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Freeze Free is a freeze conditioning agent for coal

Freeze Conditioning Agents

Freeze-Free® contains special liquid formulations which are sprayed onto coal before loading into hopper cars and results in easy unloading of coal in severe winter conditions.

Freeze-Free is applied in a fine spray from nozzles located at the conveyor belt drop point as the coal is loaded into hopper cars. Freeze-Free is specially formulated for use on coal which will ultimately be used as boiler fuel. It will burn with coal to form harmless gases which will not contribute to either hot or cold-end corrosion.

Freeze-Free benefits

  • Ice crystal structure significantly weakened, easily crumbled
  • Unique lubricity inhibits ice bond between coal and car skin
  • Maximum spreading over coal's surface
  • Safe to use
  • Eliminates costly time delays and demurrage costs

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