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Belt deicer and coal deicer, Ice Free Conveyor

Belt Deicer, Coal Deicer Applications and More

Ice Free Conveyor® eliminates coal handling problems caused by icing, fines build-up, and belt hardening that seriously complicate or prevent operations when temperatures fall between 20°F and -70°F.

Ice Free Conveyor is a coal handling deicing agent that enables you to operate when other methods stop working by: 

  • Instantly stripping existing ice glaze and frost from top and bottom cover
  • Preventing ice and fines build-up on idlers and pulleys
  • Creating a cover friction
  • Preventing coal slides in their tracks

Ice Free Conveyor is the only conveyor belt deicer formulated with special ingredients to produce belt cover friction so belts will carry coal when conveyors are "hard as a board." Only Ice Free Conveyor helps or stops backslides that are the result of belt hardening that starts at 20ºF and gets worse as the temperature falls. Ice Free Conveyor deicing chemicals sprayed lightly produces a surface that will carry coal; other materials do not.

Ice Free Conveyor deicer is formulated to outlast all other materials because its powerful active ingredient combats everything that conveying systems are subjected to by nature and the coal handling process.


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