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Keep railway switches in your command no matter the temperature

Anti-Icing Agent

Ice Free Switch® works as an anti-icing agent. When applied to railroad switch points, plates and rail prior to snow or ice storms, it will remain in place to activate when needed to melt falling and blowing snow and prevent switches from freezing.




Ice Free Switch anti-icing agent is also effective for:

  • Crossing arms
  • Signals and lenses
  • Car couplers
  • Doors and chutes
  • Movable bridges
  • Flangeways
  • Tunnel walls
  • Hump switches
  • Overhead crane rail
  • Preventing ice from forming and lifting the rails off the tie plate, altering the gauge

Ice Free Switch anti-icing agent helps prevent derailments because the snow will not pack and form ice in the gaps.


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