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Coal handling solutions with Ice Fyghter D

Coal Handling Solutions

Ice Fyghter™ eliminates material and coal handling problems caused by ice glazing and fines build-up with its coal handling solutions working in temperatures as low as -40°F. These problems seriously complicate or prevent operations from functioning to their maximum capability.

Ice Fyghter was developed to provide coal handling solutions that recognize and eliminate conveyor problems caused by snow, moisture, freezing and sub-zero temperatures.  Ice Fyghter saves time and man power when you are racing deadlines and shortages and saves motors from burning up and belts from tearing when the conveyors are started.

Ice Fyghter will eliminate ice from building up on the idler and will prevent tracking problems due to ice accumulation. It provides a better, faster labor-reducing coal handling solutions for conveyor maintenance operation. Most important, it will keep coal going up the conveyor instead of down the conveyor.

Ice Fyghter is available as a diethylene glycol agent (Ice Fyghter D) or gylcerin based agent (Ice Fyghter G).


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