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Water vs. Haul Road Dust Control on Unpaved Roads

Control Unpaved Road Dust

Haul Road Dust Control® is a blend of special surfactants which increases the ability of water to wet and suppress road dust. Haul Road Dust Control has a cumulative effect in suppressing dust. Each new application of treated water receives a boost from the residual materials of the previous application. The residual materials are also activated by rainfall, causing them to be absorbed into the roadbed rather than running off or creating puddles.

Haul Road Dust Control benefits

  • Increases the wetting and penetration ability of water a minimum of 100 percent by reducing water's tension which causes water to spread in much smaller droplets. Water is absorbed into surface dust and the roadbed rather than running off or laying in puddles.
  • Causes a deep moisture penetration into dust and the roadbed. This results in a much slower evaporation rate of the water.
  • Contains non-volatile materials which attract both dust particles and water. These non-volatile materials remain to attract dust particles even when almost all the water has evaporated.
  • Continuously improves the effectiveness of your watering program. There is a cumulative benefit from every application.

Haul Road Dust Control uses the most current technology available to maximize effectiveness of water in wetting and suppressing haul road dust.

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