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Road dust control with Road Oyl

Road Dust Control

Road Oyl® is a resin-modified emulsion that provides a cold applied high performance treatment for bare earth or unpaved surfaces such as stockpiles or as road dust control for unpaved roads. Formulated from tree resin ingredients, this state-of-the-art, non-ionic emulsion technology is unique in its high bonding strength and is appropriate for use even in close proximity to wetland areas and other areas of environmental sensitivity. Road Oyl provides the clean, high performance technology needed for any type of project requiring road or other surface dust control and soil stabilization.

The history of using Road Oyl on roads for dust control
Originally developed to solve severe dust problems on mine haul roads, Road Oyl has been used around the world for over 15 years, including by the U.S. Military, landfills in Los Angeles, steel mills in St. Louis, coal mines in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia to gold mines in Indonesia.

Since Road Oyl is made from all natural ingredients harvested on a sustainable basis, it has never had a problem being approved for use in any application or as part of an environmental permit issued to an operating entity such as a landfill, steel mill or mine.

Road Oyl is versatile and multi-purpose in use for dust control, erosion control, stabilization, shoulder treatments and other specialized applications. It has been specifically designed and proven to be a long-term solution for efficient control of road dust as well as for use on mine tailings and stockpiles. Whether you are creating a landing strip, access road, haul road, hardened surface, trail or have erosion control requirements, Road Oyl provides a reliable, environmentally friendly binder.

Traffic on a Road Oyl surface will compact the surface into a smooth dust free pavement-like surface. It penetrates road aggregate and binds it into a surface proven stronger than asphalt. Road Oyl darkens the aggregate or soil that it's applied to slightly but maintains the same basic look, which makes it desirable in natural settings. Road Oyl does not track when applied as directed.

What is Road Oyl?
Road Oyl is a natural flexible pavement binder emulsion formulated from pine rosin and pitch in water. The pitch and rosin, which comprise roughly 50% of Road Oyl by weight, are co-produced with other timber products from southern pine in the southeastern United States.

  • Environmentally friendly:  Made from all natural products harvested on a sustainable basis, Road Oyl is non-hazardous and safe for the environment.
  • Economical:  Road Oyl is shipped efficiently as a high concentrate and diluted with water before application. With its long lasting nature, you spend less time reapplying, saving you both time and money.
  • Long lasting: The condition of the road, the degree of Road Oyl penetration, and the amount of traffic combine to determine the life of a Road Oyl application. It also helps stabilize the road in winter by protecting the road from water intrusion.

Suggested applications

  • Mine haul roads
  • Parking lots
  • Construction
  • Erosion control and stabilization
  • Road and shoulders
  • Trails and paths

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