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  • Soil-Sement® Official Field Studies

PDF ICON  City of Scottsdale Dust Palliative Study
      (Dust control product demonstration for alternative to paving)

PDF ICON  Executive Summary – Desert Research Institute (DRI) Report 
      (Effectiveness demonstration of fugitive dust control methods for public
      unpaved roads and unpaved shoulders on unpaved roads)

PDF ICON  Executive Summary – Midwest Research Institute (MRI) Report
      (Evaluation of the effectiveness of chemical dust suppressants
      on unpaved roads)

PDF ICON  Field Performance Testing of Improved Engineered Wood Fiber
      Surfaces for Accessible Playground Areas

PDF ICON  Ft. Hood Investigates Beneficial Reuse of Pesticide
      Contaminated Soil

PDF ICON  Improved Engineered Wood Fiber Surfaces for Accessible 

PDF ICON  Long-Term Efficiencies of Dust Suppressants to Reduce PM10
      Emissions – Study Published in the Journal of Air and Waste
      Management Association

PDF ICON  Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Qualified Products
(Soil stabilizer products)

PDF ICON  San Clemente Island ATV Trail System – Installation of Erosion
       Control Demonstrations

PDF ICON  San Diego Test Results of Soil-Sement®
      (Runoff characteristics and sediment retention under simulated rainfall

PDF ICON  Soil-Sement Demonstration on Kern County Road Shoulders

PDF ICON  Stabilized Engineered Wood Fiber for Accessible Playground

PDF ICON  US Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management
      (Waste management facility utilization on roads and tailings piles)

PDF ICON  US Army Corps of Engineers report on Engineering Benefits of
      Soil-Sement as a Stabilization Additive
      (ERDC Report)

ADEMA Evaluation Report on the Effectiveness of Soil-Sement and EnviroKleen at the Florence Military Reservation
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