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Dust suppression spray with Dust-Buster Spray Systems

Dust Suppression Spray Systems

Midwest’s Dust-Buster® dust control management systems accurately apply foam dust suppression chemicals for optimum dust suppression during transfer, crushing, and other processes. Dust-Buster dust suppression spray systems are equally effective in controlling concrete dust, cement and cement kiln dust, coal dust, aggregate dust and almost any type of process dust regardless of industry.

As a total-solution company, Midwest can provide a full dust-suppression spray system program starting with a site survey and proceeding through equipment design, installation, ongoing service and onsite performance testing. Our seasoned experts ensure that all systems are functioning efficiently so that optimal dust suppression levels are the norm.

The advanced and customizable design of Midwest’s Dust-Buster dust control management systems facilitates optimal dust suppression no matter how difficult the challenge.  Dust-Buster spray systems can be off-the-shelf units or can be custom-designed to meet each customer’s unique specifications.

Choose the Dust-Buster dust suppression system that best meets your residual dust control needs:

Multiplex 1000 Dust Control Management System
You can customize the Multiplex 1000 with such specifications as local or remote access to flow rates, pressures, system proportionality, intermittence and periodicity. The Dust-Buster Multiplex 1000 can deliver a variety of chemical agents, including foaming products. The Multiplex 1000 dust control management system has numerous state-of-the-art features designed to provide superior dust suppression.

Simplex-1 Unit
The Simplex-1 unit is a complete dust suppression management system that includes advanced design application equipment.

Simplex-2 Unit
The Simplex-2 unit is a complete dust suppression management systems that is available with either manual or automatic controls and two systems.


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