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Dust suppression management for tunnel boring with Dust-Buster

Tunnel Boring Dust Suppression Management Systems

Dust-Buster® foam spraying systems alleviate possible health and safety issues for the tunnel boring industry through complete dust suppression management.  Dust-Buster systems include advanced design application equipment for solving your most difficult dust problems and are environmentally safe with no restrictions imposed by federal or local environmental regulatory agencies.

How do Dust-Buster foam agents work?

Dust-Buster foam agents are highly efficient foams that are injected directly into the impact areas of crushers, screens and transfer points. The foam then smothers, captures and collects airborne dust. The result is extremely effective dust emission control.

Dust-Buster Simplex-1 for tunnel boring applications is a complete dust suppression management systems that includes advanced design application equipment.

Midwest is a full service spraying system company from site survey, equipment design, installation and service through on-site performance testing. Our personnel assure all systems are functioning properly and efficiently and optimum dust is maintained.

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