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Dust-Buster is a dust suppression shredder

Dust Suppression Shredder Operation Solution

The Dust-Buster® foam dust suppression system is unequaled in controlling explosions, blue smoke and dust for automobile shredder and car crusher operations.

Shredder Testimonial

Being a good neighbor is easy when using the Dust-Buster foam sprayer systems. Operate at the peak of efficiency and safety, all while being economical and safe for the environment.

  • Advantages of Foam Dust Suppression Technology:  Dust-Buster dust control system reduces blue smoke, improves dust suppression and reduces frequency and severity of explosions…all while using less water. 
  • Dust-Buster Foam Suppression - Shredder Recycling - Solves the problems of explosions, blue smoke and dust for automobile shredders. The foam is generated using environmentally-safe chemical additives and dust control equipment that create millions of foam bubbles. This very effective foam blanket smothers, captures and agglomerates particulate matter. 
  • SDC-12000 Foaming Suppressant for shredders:  Dust-Buster SDC-12000 is a foam generating product specifically formulated for use in automobile shredders and similar process systems. It minimizes and controls blue smoke dust and explosions when used in Dust-Buster dust control systems.

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