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L.Gordon Iron and Metal Dust-Buster Simplex-1A

L. Gordon Iron and Metal Company, which will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary, have been shredding automobiles and appliances since 1976. Shredding is a dirty business, and according to Vice-President Barry Gordon, safety and environmental protection are critical to the way the company does business.

“In the shredding process, dust is created from dirt, and smoke is produced from burning material inside the shredder mill. Traditionally, the industry has relied on misting systems that use water to suppress dust and smoke throughout a shredder’s dust collection system with “good” results. Our Dust-Buster®, however, reliably eliminated dust and smoke for more than 14,000 hours with “excellent” results benefiting both our environment and employees’ health. It required very little maintenance, and when it did, we could count on Midwest’s extremely helpful and efficient parts/maintenance department. Recently, we increased our shredding output by adding higher-horsepower electric motors to our operation, so we needed to upgrade our dust collection system too. Given our superb past experience with our Dust-Buster, our best choice was to upgrade to the Dust-Buster Simplex-1B with double the pump capacity of our previous Dust-Buster. We are extremely pleased with the results."

Barry Gordon, Vice-President
L. Gordon Iron and Metal



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