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Switch Treator is a track sprayer, hand sprayer and backpack chemical sprayer

Track Sprayer

Switch Treator® is a track sprayer that is available as a hand sprayer or backpack chemical sprayer.

Switch Treator offers the following benefits:

  • Heavy duty stainless steel tank
  • Industrial pumping mechanism
  • High-performance fan spraying nozzle for precise application
  • Wand extension to minimize bending
  • Designed for higher viscosity switch agents

Model 50 Switch Treator® Hand Sprayer
Features an easy-to-use spray wand and 2-gallon chemical capacity. You can transport the Switch Treator upright in your truck bed and still close your cover.

Model 100 Switch Treator® Hand Sprayer
Easy-to-use spray wand and 3-1/2 gallon chemical capacity. 


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